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Zanthoxylum flavum

The heartwood is creamy yellow, darkening on exposure to light orange or golden tan. The sapwood, almost white near the bark, becomes progressively darker until it blends into the heartwood. The diffuse-porous wood is fine textured and has high surface luster. The grain is often interlocked and wavy, producing very interesting figures. When freshly cut, this wood has a pleasant, coconut-like sweet scent. The wood is very strong but seldom used in applications where strength is seriously challenged.

It is an excellent choice for turning, inlay work and small decorative items. When highly figured, it is a very showy wood an its yellow-orange color compliments other darker woods. Its fine texture and high natural luster make it an easy wood to polish. Quickly appreciated when brought to Europe from the New World colonies, this wood has been a part of our cabinetmaking traditions for more than 300 years. Although its pleasant scent makes it enjoyable to work, over exposure to the dust can cause skin rashes and respiratory problems for some people.

Uses include turnery, inlays, premium veneer, high-quality furniture and small novelty items and carvings.

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