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Sequoia sempervirens

The heartwood varies from light cherry-red to dark reddish-brown or mahogany, while the narrow sapwood is almost white. The quality of the wood varies greatly. Some of it is very soft, fine grained and uniform in texture but some is coarse grained. The wood has no distinctive odor or taste. Burls are common, reaching diameters of 6 feet, and have rich color and great diversity of grain patterns. Redwood exhibits its greatest strength in end-wise compression making it well suited for columns.

Redwood works moderately well with tools, glues well and nails easily, but nail and screw holding properties are poor. It takes and holds paint exceptionally well.

A large part of redwood lumber is used in the form of planks, dimension boards, posts and joists for construction of homes, flooring, decks, fences, greenhouses, porches, tanks, silos, shingles, caskets and outdoor furniture. The beautiful burls are well adapted for use by the home woodworker for providing elegant and outstanding giftware.

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