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Ulmus crassifolia

Red elm (cedar elm) wood is reddish-brown with wide, colorful yellow sapwood. It is hard, heavy, close grained, very strong and has exceptional shock resistance. It is denser and heavier than American elm or slippery elm. Cedar elm has an unusual cross-section close to the center that may be triangular, almost square or deeply and irregularly scalloped. The growth rings are indistinct.

Unlike the less dense species of Ulmus, red elm is much more difficult to work. It requires more patience when working with hand tools and constant vigilance as to grain flow when working with machine tools, especially when planing to prevent tearout. It glues, well, sands and finishes to a high luster nd retains crisp edges. Red elm is good for turnery.

Red elm is an outstanding wood for steam bending and is used in the manufacture of furniture with ben components. Other uses include barrels, baskets, boxes and crates and caskets. It appears to have much potential for craft items and turnery.

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