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Pterocarpus soyauxii

The heartwood is bright orange-red to blood red, and the sapwood is grayish-white. The odor of freshly cut wood is faintly aromatic, and the luster is medium to high. The grain is irregular to wavy. It has a moderately coarse texture with large pores. This wood possesses good strength, is flexible, shock resistant and is resistant to compression and dents.

The wood saws and planes easily to a very smooth surface. It glues well and takes an excellent finish.

Before the use of aniline dyes, the dye from african padauk was in demand by the dyeing industry. Currently the timber is used by the veneer and lumber trades. It is also used to a limited extent for fancy turnery adn for high-quality tool handles. It is an excellent flooring timber, suitable for heavy traffic in public buildings. The bulk of the exported material is manufactured into veneer, which is used in furniture, cabinets, inlay, novelties and decorative panels.

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