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Quercus alba

The heartwood is light tannish-brown, and the narrow sapwood is nearly white. It is very strong and hard with a moderately fine grain. Quartersawn oak reveals a large number of rays. The grain is usually straight. White oak ranks fairly high in all strength properties and is classified as very good for steam bending. Its wear resistance is outstanding.

White oak timber may be worked fairly easily, taking a smooth finish. It can be glued satisfactorily.

Uses range from fine cabinetry, interior trim, general millwork, flooring and veneer for paneling to heavy construction work such as bridges, ships, railroad cars and motor vehicle parts. Because of its impermeability, the timber is used extensively for liquor barrels and other containers. The tannic acid in the wood causes unsightly discoloration from corrosion when iron, steel or lead materials are in contact with the wood under damp conditions. Therefore, use of non-ferrous fastenings is recommended for assembly purposes.

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