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Umbellularia californica

The often variegated heartwood is yellowish-brown or olive and is not sharply defined from the wood, pale brown sapwood. When freshly cut, California laurel has a mild scent and taste. The luster is medium. The texture is medium with straight to wavy grain. In Oregon, the wood is noted for its strikingly mottled pigment figures, varying from fine, delicate black lines to heavy splotches, occasionally streaked with gold and silver which are difficult to adequately describe.

California laurel is easily worked with tools and takes an exquisitely high polish.

This wood is almost entirely consigned to making wood novelties of all descriptions and sizes. The burls are sliced into veneer for cabinetwork. California laurel is claimed by many to be the finest wood obtainable for novelty articles and is shipped to many parts of the world for this purpose.

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