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Prosopis glandulosa

The color of honey mesquite is light to dark cocoa or chocolate brown with a golden luster. The very narrow sapwood is yellowish-cream or lemon yellow. The odor of fresh cut wood is fragrant, suggesting violets. Taste is not distinct. The grain is fine, wavy and close, quite frequently interlocked or cross-grained. It has a beautiful luster and is hard and heavy. The texture is medium to coarse. The strength properties of mesquite are quite high, but it is somewhat brittle. Id does, however, have high elasticity.

When cross grain is present, honey mesquite is somewhat difficult to work, but otherwise no problems should be expected. It is very stable, sands and polishes well and finishes to high polish with excellent results. It turns exceptionally well.

Honey mesquite provides on of the best woods for fuel in the desert and for fence posts. It is also valuable for railroad crossties, vehicle construction and for paving blocks. It full potential has not been realized by the woodworker as beautiful novelties can be made with superior color and grain.

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