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Tieghemella heckelii

Makore has a resemblance to close-grained mahogany or blain sawn sapele. The heartwood varies from pinkish- or purplish-brown to dark blood red. The clearly demarcated sapwood is whitish or light pink and 2 to 3 inches wide. The grain is generally straight. The texture is fine to medium, and the wood is lustrous. Odor and taste are not distinct. It will stain when in contact with iron under damp conditions. The timber contains some silica. Strength properties resemble those of the denser grades of American mahogany. Straight- grained timber is classed as moderately good for steam bending.

Makore causes rapid blunting of ordinary steel cutters and saws because of the silica present in the wood. Carbide-tipped saws are recommended for cutting. Pre-boring is advised when using nails or screws, as there is a tendency for splitting in these operations. Stains and polishes give excellent results and glued joints hold well. The fine dust produced in some finishing procedures may irritate the nose and throat and cause dermatitis.

The wood compares favorably with mahogany for furniture and up-scale decorative work, including interior fittings and superior joinery. Makore can be used in the solid state as veneer. Other common uses include flooring, instruments, tool handles, turnery, carving, ship building, textile industry rollers, laboratory benches and doors.

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