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Khaya spp.

The color of African mahogany varies from light pinkish-brown to a deep reddish shade, often with a purplish cast. The luster is high and golden, and odor and taste are not distinct. The grain is straight but often ribbon figure. Crotch and swirl figures are also quite common.

In general, this timber works easily, but if the grain is exceptionally interlocked, it is difficult to surface without tearing. It holds glue well and will split when nailing only in thin dimensions. It will stain evenly and will take a very satisfactory polish. In damp conditions, it will react with iron resulting in dark stains on the wood, therefore, coated or non-ferrous fastenings should be used for assembly processes.

Khaya is a standard timber for furniture, up-scale joinery, boat building, paneling and interior work. it has frequently replaced American mahogany due to its greater abundance and lower cost.

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