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Lptus® hardwood products have received overwhelming praise among professionals for their workability, machining properties, density, finish ability, overall strength and exotic appeal. Available in a variety of grades of lumber, plywood and veneer it is an ideal hardwood for cabinetry, millwork, furniture and flooring.
Lyptus® Eucalyptus trees are grown on plantations certified to Brazil’s national sustainable forestry standard, CERFLOR. This standard has been mutually recognized by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), an international organization that endorses credible sustainable forestry programs.
Eucalyptus trees grow quickly and may be harvested within 14-16 years of planting. Because plantation trees are manually pruned during their growing years, logs coming into the mill are more uniform and have fewer knots than those that grow naturally. This results in a high conversion rate of logs to clear lumber. Like Weyerhaeuser mills in the United States, the Brazil mill uses virtually every portion of the log, converting it not only to lumber and by-products but using residuals as bio-energy to fuel the mill.
Lyptus® wood products offer excellent quality, remarkable beauty and environmental attributes, making them an excellent choice when selecting an eco-sensitive, exotic hardwood species.

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