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Cardwellia sublimis

The heartwood is pale pink to pinkish-brown with a distinct silvery sheen. Upon exposure, the wood turns brown. The odor and taste are not distinct. The texture is coarse, and the grain is straight. The most prominent surface feature of lacewood is the large rays which result in a small, flaky grain pattern that is very attractive for decorative purposes. Lacewood is light and soft, yet firm, strong and tough.

The wood works easily with hand and machine tools having relatively little dulling effect on their cutting edges. The large rays ten to crumble which requires care when working to produce a smooth surface that is not rough or fibrous. The timber has good nail and screw holding properties and glues easily. It also stains readily and finishes satisfactorily.

Lacewood is a highly ornamental wood used for cabinetry and furniture and for paneling and trim in fine residences and banks. It possesses a high resistance to wear and is suitable for heavy traffic when used as a flooring timber. The home woodworker will find it to be a very attractive wood for turnery and carving projects where a striking and unusual appearance is desired.

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