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Dalbergia cearensis

Streaked with varying lighter and darker lines of golden yellow, kikngwood timber is a rich, violet-brown color sometimes with shades almost to black. The scent is fragrant, but scarcely noticeable in dry material. It has a bright luster with a fine, uniform texture, although the dark layers are slightly harder than the others. It is hard and strong, but brittle. The taste is not distinct.

The wood is not difficult to work with sharp tools, finishing to an exceptionally smooth surface with a natural waxy polish. When first used, this is a beautiful wood and becomes more so as it tones with age, developing a metallic sheen. It is well named, as it is truly the wood of kings.

Because of the small size of the kingwood tree, the wood has always been restricted to the use of veneer in inlays and marquetry with occasional use as a lumber for articles of turnery.

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