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Hymenaea courbaril

The sometimes very wide sapwood is white to gray and is sharply demarcated from the heartwood which often has dark streaks. When freshly cut, the heartwood is bright red to orange brown, but after exposure becomes russet. Odor and taste are not distinct, and the luster is golden. The grain is commonly interlocked, and the texture is medium to rather coarse. This timber has good strength properties and may be used for all normal structural purposes for which oak would be suitable.

Jatoba is not an easy wood to work, and it may have a marked dulling effect on the cutting edges of tools. It is a good species for turnery, and it bends well after steaming. Nail and screw holding properties are good, glue adheres satisfactorily and it can be finished smoothly.

The timber is used for construction of all kinds, boat building, general carpentry, turnery and bentwood products.

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