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Milicia excelsa

The heartwood varies in color from light to dark brown, and the clearly demarcated sapwood is a paler shade of brown. Frequently , there are dark streaks and striping. Odor and taste are not distinct. The wood is mildly lustrous, and the grain is interlocked. The texture is moderately coarse and even.

In general, the timber works well. Boards containing the stone-like deposits has an abrasive action on saws and tool edges. Nail and screw holding properties are good. A fair amount of filling is necessary prior to polishing, but a high lustrous finish can be obtained when filled. Gluing can be accomplished easily.

Iroko can be used with confidence where strength is of importance. It is recommended for specialized uses such as countertops and for tables where hard usage is expected. It is used for window frames, sills and doors, plywood, veneer, furniture, cabinets and ship building. Many of its uses are as an alternative to teak since it serves the same purposes at a considerably lower cost.

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