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Tabebuia spp.

The relatively wide sapwood is yellowish-white and sharply differentiated from the heartwood. When freshly cut, the heartwood is grayish and darkens upon exposure to a grayish-green or brownish-olive. Because there is not control over the specific species of ipe reaching the marketplace, there may be a wide variety of physical characteristics of the wood. Generally, the timber has a fine but often uneven and interlocked grain. There is neither distinct odor nor taste to the wood.

This hard heavy wood, often with wavy grain, is hard to work. It plays havoc with cutting blades on machine tools but not to a point that the wood should be abandoned. It turns and finishes well. Pre-boring before using nails or screws is advised.

Uses include heavy construction, railroad crossties, turnery, industrial flooring and decorative veneer. It is ideal for outside decks, walkways and railing in up-scale applications.

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