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Taxodium distichum

The wide sapwood is pale yellowish-white merging into the heartwood which varies in color from yellowish to light or dark brown, reddish-brown or almost black. The color is darker in trees grown along the Gulf Coast and south Atlantic regions than in the north. the wood has a greasy feel with a rancid odor but does not impart taste, odor or color to food products. The grain varies from straight to even, and the wood is coarse textured.

It is an ideal wood to machine and shape and has very few adverse attributes. It glues, sands, nails and especially holds paint well.

It is ideal for beams, posts, docks and bridges. It also is used for siding, sash, doors, paneling, trim, and general millwork. Tanks, vats, greenhouse framing and other products subjected to moisture are ideal uses, as well as railroad crossties and shingles.

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