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Prunus serotina

The narrow sapwood is whitish to pale reddish-brown but is not always clearly defined from the heartwood. The heartwood is variable in color from light yellowish or pinkish-brown to dark reddish-brown but is normally uniform in a given specimen. It has a rich luster usually with a straight grain but frequently pieces are found with dark wavy streaks for striking beauty. The crotches and burls are highly prized for figured veneers. This species has strength properties that are in many respects excellent.

In general, this species works well, saws cleanly, planes excellently and is a useful timber for turnery purposes. Screw holding properties are good and glue adheres well. It takes all kinds of finishes very well, turning darker and richer with age.

Black cherry was used extensively in the 18th century for manufacturing of furniture, cabinets and interior trim. It was also used as backing for electro types and zinc etchings, woodenware, veneer, musical and scientific instruments, novelties, tool handles and furniture. Black cherry has regained it popularity as a cabinetry wood and is being used despite its increased cost.

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