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Tabebuia donnell-smithii

The timber is yellowish-white to light yellowish-brown and often striped. The luster is fairly high, and the texture is medium to rather coarse. It is odorless and tasteless. The grain is straight to finely and attractively wavy. The general appearance of chen negro resembles that of Ceylon satinwood and while sometimes called white mahogany, it is entirely unrelated botanically to the mahogany family.

When interlocked grain is present, care is necessary in the surfacing of chen negro, and it is not highly recommended for turnery purposes. In most other operations, the lumber will work well. When using nails or screws, thin stock tends to split, but the holding properties are good. Glue will adhere satisfactorily. Staining may result in uneven areas. The wood polishes excellently. It is not used for steam bending instruments.

Due to its dimensional stability, working ease and pleasing appearance, Chen Negro is used for solid furniture, paneling, interior trim patterns, veneer, cabinetry and millwork.

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