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Cedrela odorata

Spanish-cedar heartwood is pinkish to reddish-brown and has prominent growth rings. The color darkens slightly on exposure to light. Timber from fast-grown trees is paler in color and lighter in weight than that from slowly grown trees. The wood is soft. Its texture is fine and even, and the grain is straight. It has a lustrous appearance and a pleasant, distinctive cedary odor that is especially noticeable when the wood is freshly surfaced. The wood may have a bitter taste.

Easy to work and finish, Spanish-cedar takes smooth polish. The wood has good dimensional stability when manufactured. In proportion to its weight, it is strong.

In the past, Spanish-cedar was exported to Europe and North America for cigar boxes. Currently, Spanish-cedar is the most important local timber for domestic use in tropical America. Spanish-cedar is also a preferred wood for furniture, cabinetry, doors and windows, interior trim and carved figures. Because the wood is resistant to insects and aromatic, it is used for clothes chests. It is a favorite timber for the hulls of light racing boats and is used in making musical instruments. The wood is also used to make veneer and plywood.

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