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Calocedrus decurrens

The sapwood is white or cream-colored, and the heartwood is light brown often tinged with red. It has a fine, uniform texture and a spicy odor. It is moderately low in strength properties, low in shock resistance, soft and low in stiffness.

Because it is a light and low-density wood, incense-cedar is extremely easy to work with machine and hand tools. It glues well. Because of its stability after it is dry, it is rated as on of the best woods to paint and finish.

Aromatic cedar is best used where a durable wood is required, including fence posts, poles, shingles and railroad ties. A principle use is in the manufacture of pencils because of the ease with which the pencil can be sharpened either by turning or whittling. This suggests a good wood for carvers. It is also used in manufacturing of woodenware, novelties, millwork (both indoor and outdoor applications), chests, furniture, veneer and plywood.

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