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Brosimum rubescens

The color of satine (bloodwood) heartwood is various shades of rich, lustrous red and yellow overlaid with a golden sheen. The wide sapwood is yellowish-white and sharply demarcated from the heartwood. The texture is rather fine to coarse, and the grain is straight to variable. The luster is high and golden. The wood is odorless and tasteless.

Although hard, the wood is not difficult to work, glues well and takes a high natural polish. It finishes very smoothly.

Bloodwood is used for veneer, furniture, marquetry inlays, turnery, cabinetry, bows and fishing rods. The heartwood has very limited commercial use due to the small size of this portion of the tree. The logs obtainable rarely exceed 8 inches in diameter. The much wider sapwood finds expanded uses but does not have the beautiful and variegated color of the heartwood.

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