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Betula papyrifera

Fine and uniformly textured with no odor, the wood is diffuse porous and creamy white with a pale brown core. It is moderately heavy. The wood of white birch is somewhat weaker than yellow birch or eastern birch and is much lower in resistance to suddenly applied loads.

Birch glues satisfactorily and has good machining properties. It takes a good finish and has good nail and screw holding properties.

Birch is a popular ornamental and is a valued source of hardwood timber. In thin curls, the bark makes excellent fire starter, and the wood is premium firewood. Uses include veneer, plywood, interior finish, furniture, woodenware, toys, dowels, pallets and crates. It is also used for pulpwood. The tough pliable bark has long been used for making canoes and ornaments.

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