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Turreanthus africanus

When freshly cut avodire is a pale creamy white but darkens to a golden yellow shade. The heartwood and sapwood cannot be distinguished. It has no odor or taste. It is capable of producing a satiny luster and a highly polished surface. The grain is often wavy of interlocked with highly attractive figures including striped, mottled and curled. The texture is uniform. Avodire is a strong, tough and elastic timber in proportion to its weight, even approaching some properties of oak, a much heavier species.

This timber may be quite easily worked with hand and machine tools with a little dulling effect on the cutting edges. Avodire may be glued satisfactorily but tends to split when nailed therefore pre-boring is advisable. It will usually finish without difficulty although staining is somewhat uneven.

Avodire is know as a decorative veneer. The wood is used for interiors, cabinets and furniture and is a superior joinery species.

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