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Fraxinus excelsior

The wood is white with shades of brown. When freshly cut, it often is a light pink color. Occasionally, the wood will contain heartwood with irregular dark brown or black colorations that are not necessarily associated with decay. The grain is straight but may produce a decorative figure in plainsawn timber or rotary-cut veneer. The wood is very tough and flexible. Because of the very wide distribution of this species, from Turkey to the British Isles, a wide variance in the properties of the timber can be expected.

All aspects of this characteristic are satisfactory indicating that European ash, while a dense wood, can be satisfactorily machined. Sanding, gluing and finishing all are performed without special effort.

The wood has a long list of uses such as sporting goods (hockey sticks, baseball bats, cricket stumps), tool handles, walking sticks, furniture and cabinets, fancy turnery, veneer and many more applications both simple and sophisticated.

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