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Powers Wood Source Afrormosia


Pericopsis elata

Afrormosia is a high-quality timber with an attractive appearance resembling a fine-grained teak. When freshly cut, the heartwood is yellowish brown but it loses the yellow upon exposure. The grain is straight or slightly interlocked. The texture is fine, and the luster is medium. Odor and taste are not distinctive.

The wood works fairly well with machine and hand tools. The blunting effects on cutting edges is much less pronounced than with teak. Good results are obtained with stains and polishes. When nailing there is a marked tendency to split. It can be glued satisfactorily.

Afromosia has been used as a teak substitute in many industries, especially where durability and stability are required. Principal uses are in shipbuilding, interior trim, furniture, decorative veneer, flooring and high-class joinery. It should not be used where moisture levels are high due to its discoloration when in contact with iron.

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